Cambodian PM alleges another plot amid defections, arrests

Hun Sen accuses another overseas group of ‘act of treachery’ as country starts gearing up for July 23 elections.

Prime Minister Hun Sen has claimed that another group of overseas Cambodians is hatching a plot to oust his government and “bring about the destruction of the nation” as this country’s extensive security network starts gearing up for the July 23 elections.

Hun Sen said on Telegram that he had intercepted a Zoom video meeting on April 30 which revealed that about 20 people planned to disguise themselves as a “civilian group” and return to Cambodia after the ballot and dispute the results.

“Do not forget that the people who stay with you are also my men. It is difficult for you to visit your homeland because you are considered an extremist group who seeks to bring about the destruction of the nation,” he said, according to a translation by the Phnom Penh Post.

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