Cambodian opposition advisor sued for US$500,000

Kong Korm is also under investigation for land fraud, told by PM Hun Sen to vacate his home.

The chief advisor of the opposition Candlelight Party is being evicted from his government-owned home and sued for US$500,000 following warnings from Prime Minister Hun Sen and allegations he had insulted the long-ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP).

The allegations were sparked after remarks by Kong Korm about a military ceremony on Jan. 7 to mark the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia which liberated the country from the Khmer Rouge in 1979, ending a mass slaughter and a genocide initiated by Pol Pot.

Two days later, Hun Sen said legal action could be taken against Kong Korm, adding lawyers had been appointed to monitor Candlelight Party supporters. If found guilty, he faces up to three years in jail and a fine of up to US$1,500.

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