Cambodian Journalists Remain Resilient Despite Crushing Press Freedom Blows

In the last story of this series, VOA Khmer reporters speak to the journalists affected by the government’s 2017 media crackdown. As readers and listeners mourn the lack of independent news coverage, reporters on the frontlines have had to bear the brunt of the government’s anger towards independent journalists.

Hang Sobratsavyouth is no stranger to conflict. The veteran journalist’s reportage has confronted the government on a number of uncomfortable issues.

Based in the northern province of Siem Reap, Savyouth used to work for Radio Free Asia’s Cambodia Bureau. Listeners often remarked about Savyouth’s booming voice as he delivered researched news reports from the temple town and adjoining provinces.

But his news reports came to an abrupt halt in 2017. Following the closure of radio stations and the government’s use of tax bills to pressure independent news services, Radio Free Asia (RFA) closed its local bureau in September 2017.

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