Cambodia Denies the UN Statement Saying Human-Rights and Environmental Activists Are Targeted

As the Khmer Student Intelligent League Association calls on the authorities to release its members.

The Cambodian government issued on Sept. 11 a scathing response to the statement made by the United Nations’ Spokesperson of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) calling on the Cambodian authorities to put an end to measures taken against human-rights and environmental-rights activists over the last few months.

Released in Switzerland by the Permanent Mission of Cambodia to the UN Office in Geneva, the statement read, “Cambodia squarely rejects a misleading and fallacious conclusion of Ms. Ravina Shamdasani, spokesperson of [OHCHR] as to the kingdom’s application of relevant laws seeking to shield law-abiding citizens and to guarantee peace, social order and public health for everyone.

“The assertion that the government targets human rights activists and NGOs is both unfounded and selective. Cambodia does not condone an arbitrary arrest… Lawful NGOS and human rights defenders following the law operate freely.

In full:

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