Cambodia Accuses UN of Lying about Intimidation of Activists

Responding to the UN Secretary-General’s report to the Human Rights Council, the Cambodian government railed against the findings of the UN, claiming they are fabrications.

The Cambodian government has today (Sept. 30) lashed out at the UN over accusations of human rights abuses. The same day the UN Secretary-General’s office presented a report to the Human Rights Council that found Cambodian police have routinely interfered with civil society organizations and intimidated those who have collaborated with the UN.

Mirroring statements made earlier this year, the Cambodian authorities claimed that civil society groups, activists, various bodies and representatives of the UN as well as the media are all twisting the truth, adding that the police always follow Cambodian law.

General Chhay Kim Khoeun, deputy commissioner and spokesperson for the National Police, said that he did not want to comment further on the UN Secretary-General’s report as he felt that Cambodia has been facing such accusations for many years, not just now.

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