Analysis: Observers Expect Political Quagmire to Drag On in 2020

Sok Touch, an outspoken academic, says fixing the country’s politics is easy: The E.U. should just back off from its threat to ax Cambodia’s access to duty-free trade with the European bloc.

Everything would then “return to the original situation; there will be no pressure. I believe we will be united internally again” as a country, with the ruling party and opposition working together, he said.

His view was not shared by other political observers interviewed by VOD. For most — and also for Touch, if the E.U. goes ahead with withdrawing trade preferences — what lies ahead for Cambodian politics in 2020 is a prolonging of the political quagmire that has dragged down the country since approximately 2017. Things could eventually improve, but there is no quick fix, they said.

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