Why Cambodia yields to China’s strategic commands

The establishment of a Chinese naval presence in Cambodia is the logical outcome of America’s long-flawed policies towards Phnom Penh.

On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Cambodia and China recently signed a secret agreement granting the latter exclusive rights to part of a naval installation on the Gulf of Thailand.

The report, quoting unnamed American and allied officials, said the agreement would allow China to use the Ream Naval Base for 30 years, with automatic renewals every 10 years thereafter.

The news follows months of speculation that Prime Minister Hun Sen’s government is preparing to host the Chinese navy in southern Cambodia, and months of denials from Cambodian officials that any such plan is in the works. On Monday, the premier declared that the WSJ’s report constituted “the worst ever made-up news against Cambodia.”

In full: https://www.asiatimes.com/2019/07/article/why-cambodia-yields-to-chinas-strategic-commands/

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