What’s in the New Philippines-Cambodia Defense Meeting?

Both countries finally held the inaugural iteration of a new defense meeting earlier this month.

Earlier this month, the Philippines and Cambodia finally held the first iteration of a new defense cooperation meeting that both sides had formally agreed to back in 2017. Though few details were publicly issued about the nature of the meeting, it nonetheless highlighted the ongoing collaboration between the two countries in the security realm that has been more in the spotlight in recent years.

While the Philippines and Cambodia have a contemporary diplomatic relationship that stretches back to 1957, defense ties have developed at a much slower pace relative to other aspects of ties. Collaboration in the defense space has been quite basic, and aspects that have been previously publicly disclosed have been focused on areas like exchanges and visits, and areas such as addressing law enforcement, transnational crimes, and terrorism, amid some continued differences on issue areas such as the South China Sea.

In full: https://thediplomat.com/2019/03/whats-in-the-new-philippines-cambodia-defense-meeting/

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