What Next for U.S. Engagement on Cambodia’s Protected Forests?

Cambodia’s lush Prey Lang rainforest is abundant with animals, insects and birds, including endangered species, and diverse types of forests. It also provides resin tapping and other sources of livelihood for some 250,000 people, many of whom are Indigenous Kuy, living within or adjacent to the forest.

In 2016, the Cambodian government designated much of the forest—the largest lowland rainforest in mainland Southeast Asia at approximately 430,000 hectares—as a protected Wildlife Sanctuary.

The United States has also long appreciated the significance of Prey Lang, and in 2019, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) undertook an ambitious $21 million partnership with Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment aimed at protecting the forest.

In full: https://www.newsecuritybeat.org/2021/08/u-s-engagement-cambodias-protected-forests/

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