Protesting Staff at Sugar Firm Have Been Paid Salaries in Full

By R. Viswanathan

Regarding Monday’s article “Sugar Firm Staff Protest Over Unpaid Wages” (page 19) it was speculated that our company, Kamadhenu Ven­tures (Cambodia) Ltd. (KVCL), has run into financial difficulties.

This is not the case. KVCL is an agro-industrial firm that has been operating successfully in the country since 2009 with full cooperation from the government and public.

We have both agents and contractors who supply our company with laborers for various activities. We are always prompt in paying our employees through these agents and contractors. Unfortunately, some of the contractors took it upon themselves not to pay the laborers on time and have not been seen for the past two weeks.

After we became aware of the situation we paid the workers immediately in the presence of local police. The matter has now been amicably settled. Payments have been made in full and the workers have gone home peacefully.

R. Viswanathan is the senior manager of Kamadhenu Ventures (Cambodia) Ltd.

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