North Korean Regime Doesn’t Care About Its People

Regrettably, my trip to North Korea last week to donate food and medications to the starving population there, which is in dire need of food, was canceled.

After being invited to visit North Korea, the government abruptly declined to provide me an entry permit from Beijing on Friday.

They did not give a reason for their cancellation, but I suspect it is because I mentioned that I planned to bring antibiotics and ship rice,
which I wished to distribute to the starving population in the rural areas as I did once before in the mid-1990s.

The government seems to be too proud to acknowledge that foreigners want to distribute food to their people. The regime feels that they
can do it better themselves and may also feel ashamed that it failed to launch its missile and is defensive against criticism that it
wasted all this money on the military when it could have been better spent to feed its starving people.

I feel sorry for the North Korean people who have to live under such an uncaring regime but hope that somehow food will get to them,
hopefully, if their agricultural situation improves.

Let’s pray and hope.

Bernard Krisher is a philanthropist and also the publisher of The Cambodia Daily. He founded the charity Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope in Phnom Penh and coordinated to build more than 500 rural schools in Cambodia.

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