Japan’s Line App Must Not Be Tool of Cambodia’s Dictator Hun Sen

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has done everything in his power to suppress any sign of opposition to his rule, which has now lasted for close to four decades. The Japan-based LINE communications app must not allow itself to be used as part of the dictator’s toolkit of repression.

Besides straightforward physical elimination or imprisonment or various forms of political harassment the prime minister resorts to financial persecution leading to direct expropriation of personal property to try to quash any risk of Cambodia’s democratic opposition renewing its challenge to his dictatorship. The private property concerned is the headquarters of the peaceful opposition party the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), which was dissolved by the government-controlled supreme court in November 2017.

Until it was seized by the government In 2018 and sold by the authorities to a third party for $1.6 million a few months ago, this property was owned equally by my wife Saumura Tioulong, who is a former deputy governor of the Cambodian central bank, and myself.

As I explained in The Geopolitics in January 2022, the property was seized and forcibly sold as part of a dispute over what Hun Sen claims is defamation by myself in a lawsuit he filed in 2017. I have previously said and maintain that Hun Sen paid a bribe of $1 million to Thy Sovantha, at the time an attractive 21-year-old female supporter of CNRP and social media “celebrity”, to switch sides and attack the opposition.

In full: https://thegeopolitics.com/japans-line-app-must-not-be-tool-of-cambodias-dictator-hun-sen/

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