Fighting for women’s rights and autonomy in Cambodia

Women's rights in Cambodia still need to be realised despite improved legal frameworks, writes Johanna Higgs.

Walking out of my house, in a little village just out of Siem Reap in Northern Cambodia, I hear the little squeaks of puppies.

Being an animal lover and concerned about the lack of animal welfare in Cambodia, I start down the dusty, dirt path outside my house towards the ramshackle, wooden house where I can hear the little squeaks of the puppies. Chickens scurried past and the hot Cambodian sun bore down on me.

Indeed, as I approached the house there were five tiny puppies being manhandled by a little child. I tried to intervene and the child screamed. Worried that this child was going to seriously hurt these puppies, I decided to come back the next day with a translator, to ask if I could find the puppies homes once they were big enough.

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