Cambodian PM’s First 100 Days Show Real Transfer of Power Yet to Come

As expected, the new government led by Prime Minister Hun Manet has been a case of old wine in new bottles.

Hun Manet’s first 100 days as prime minister show that Cambodia’s leadership has no vision for the future and that an effective transfer of power has yet to take place.

The new prime minister took over from his father Hun Sen on August 22. His lack of credibility was immediately clear when he addressed the United Nations General Assembly in September, claiming that the national elections held in July were free, fair, and credible.

As was the case in 2018, no recognized opposition party was allowed to run. Hun Manet has no democratic mandate and embarrassed himself internationally by pretending that he does. His father gave him his job on a plate because Hun Sen needs to ensure his own impunity from prosecution. Democratic countries refused to send observers to the July “elections” because there was nothing to observe.

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