Abetting dictators

The sudden government interest in apprehending political opponents of foreign governments is disappointing. It may be coincidence but in just a week, police have forcibly detained critics of the governments of Cambodia and Bahrain. The arrests and threats of deportation or extradition to these undemocratic countries go against normal human rights practices. They also violate decades of Thai policy that often welcomed and never threatened lives of foreigners pitted against their governments.

The refugee football player Hakeem AlAraibi got bad news from the Criminal Court yesterday — a ruling that he could legally be extradited to Bahrain, where he faces legal charges. The Australian government long ago granted him refugee status and has pushed hard for his release and return to Melbourne. Bahrain has convicted him in absentia of lese majeste against the emir.

In full: https://www.bangkokpost.com/opinion/opinion/1592194/abetting-dictators

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