Yung Moeun, Pol Pot’s Trusted Aide and Beijing Envoy, Dies At 73

During a conversation over lunch at a restaurant near Siem Reap’s Angkor Archeological Park, Yung Moeun, a former cadre of the Khmer Rouge, said she was a close aide to the regime’s head, Pol Pot, and more so on a personal level.

“The personal relationship between him and me was special; he regarded me as a special [aide],” Yung Moeun said in 2018. Yung Moeun said she was a trusted part of the Pol Pot’s inner circle, with the former cadre claiming she personally cooked food for him over a 14-year period. She was later stationed as a diplomatic envoy to China.

“From the way we spoke and interacted, we were as close as he was with his own children.”

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