Youth Programs Need Better Planning To Be Effective, Study Says

Youth Programs Need Better Planning To Be Effective, Study Says

Government-supported youth programs are frequently poorly planned and monitored, with too little effort to reach remote areas, according to a research report released Friday by the youth NGO People Center for Development and Peace.  The largely qualitative study surveyed high-school students in five provinces about their understanding of and engagement in youth programs.

“While the level of participation amongst all respondents is low, those who participated have claimed that they benefited in the program in terms of being able to voice their ideas and concerns,” the study notes. “Participation has been uneven between one geographic location to another.This is indicative that programs need to broaden, especially in far-flung areas,” the report said. PDP-Center President, and lead author, Yong Kim Eng said the study, though small, gave a fairly good sense of the failings of programs meant to empower young people.

“The administrative system of the government is not well-prepared to give or share information or give them the opportunity to participate in youth development programs,” he said. “If youth do not participate in solving the issues related to them, these issues will not be solved.”

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