Workers freed from captivity in Cambodia return in good health: BP2MI

The first 12 Indonesian migrant workers freed from captivity in Cambodia have been repatriated in good health, and will be assisted in returning to their hometowns, the Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Agency (BP2MI) has informed.

“Praise be to God, their physical conditions are all good; the 12 arriving migrant workers returning home are the first repatriation wave for the 62 freed migrant workers. We are also coordinating with the Cambodian authority for security measures and repatriation schedule arrangement,” BP2MI’s Director for Protection and Empowerment in the Asia and Africa regions, Brigadier General Suyanto, said in a statement here on Saturday.

The 12 repatriated workers arrived in Indonesia on Friday evening (August 5) and were brought to the Social Affairs Ministry’s Trauma Center Protection House (RPTC), he added.

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