Worker Dies When Unstable Building Collapses

Police are searching for the con­struct­­ion manager of two partially-built factory buildings that collapsed in Phnom Penh’s Dangkao district, killing one worker and injuring four others early Sunday morning, police said.

Morning rain and strong winds set the stage for the collapse of a 25-by-70-meter wall which fell on workers as they slept inside the building, said Chuop Sok Heng, a deputy district police chief in charge of the investigation.

Police have already ruled out the weather as the cause of the incident, he said, adding that the building was unstable due to poor engineering and design.

The collapse killed 30-year-old Sim Kosal and severely injured Sen Burith, 22, Pring Sophal, 21, Phat Seiha, 17, and 22-year-old Say Det, he said.

Police arrested two foremen who were present at the site, 30-year-old Chheang Thang and 52-year-old Ty Lou, Chuop Sok Heng said.

The two men will face charges of negligent construction, Chuop Sok Heng said, adding that the building’s manager, Pheng Song, is being sought.

Pheng Song started building earlier this year without a license from Phnom Penh’s Municipal En­gine­ering Office, Chuop Sok Heng said.

“It [was] illegal,” he said.

Chhuon Sothy, director of the Mu­nicipal Construction Department, said that Pheng Song “did not respect the law and [the Municipal Construction Department].”


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