Wood Confiscated in Stung Treng Province

Military police and local forestry officials in Stung Treng province confiscated more than 90 pieces of luxury-grade Thnong wood from a private farm on Sunday, but only after the suspected owner escaped, according to officials.

Provincial court prosecutor Chroeng Khmao said a joint force of military police and forestry officials found the 92 pieces of wood, amounting to a combined 9.5 cubic meters, on the farm belonging to San Pov in Stung Treng City and were holding it at the local Forestry Administration office. “She [Ms. Pov] ran away before the joint force arrived.

Now our forestry officials and investigating police are working on this case to find the suspect,” said Mr. Khmao, who issued the warrant for the seizure.

On April 11, another 117 pieces of Thnong wood were discovered in the province’s Siem Bok district, said Ing Vanny, the province’s military police commander.

Mr. Vanny said authorities were tipped off about the wood being hidden underwater along the Mekong River but still had no suspects in the case.

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