Women’s Conference to Open

A three-day women’s affairs conference is scheduled to open today, drawing more than 200 women leaders, government officials and NGOs for a discussion on women in Cambodia.

“Something we are doing with this conference is to help push for social, economic and political changes that are helpful to the improvement of Cambodian women’s status,” said Mu

So­chua, minister of women’s and veteran’s affairs.

Entitled “Looking Back: Mov­ing Forward,” the conference will be opened by Queen Noro­dom Monineath Sihanouk, according to organizers.

It will review the achievements made by Cambodian women since the 1995 Beijing Forum of Women and will feature 10 panel discussions on such topics as health, education, prostitution and human trafficking.

“We will study the relevance and success of the policy of gender mainstreaming to make sure that women participate in decisions about development programs from the grass roots to the senior levels of administration,” Mu Sochua said.

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