Women to Control Own Affairs

Mu Sochua will remain head of the Ministry of Women’s and Vet­eran’s Affairs, at least for the remainder of her term, National Assem­bly members decided Fri­day.

Yet a bill adopted unanimously by the National Assembly man­dates that the next term’s leadership is open to both genders.

Despite Friday’s action and the Con­sti­tu­tion­al Council’s recent ruling that restricting Ministry leadership to women would be unconstitutional, many in the government want the Ministry to remain under female control in an attempt to encourage a greater role for women in politics.

“If women do a good job, then the next term post will fall to a woman too,” said Sam Rainsy Party parliamentarian Cheam Channy.

Many in the National Assembly say women should not be restricted to only the highest levels of government either, suggesting that they serve on both the commune and district level

The National Assembly had twice voted for a measure that a woman head the Ministry.

But the Senate rejected the measure both times and the Constitutional Council declared the measure unconstitutional.


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