Woman Suspected of Dousing Husband With Acid

A 23-year-old man in Kompong Cham province was allegedly at­tacked with battery acid by his wife, local police said Monday.

May Sarom, 24, doused her husband Phon Sophy with acid Friday night out of long-standing jealousy over an affair he had with a woman in Phnom Penh, according to Kom­pong Cham district police chief Som Phat.

Phon Sophy was sitting in his house in Beong Basak village, Sam­buor Meas commune, when his wife threw acid on him, according to Som Phat, adding that officers had found a bottle and plate with acid at the scene.

“She attacked her husband with acid [because] she was angry with her husband because he has love with another woman,” he said.

Neighbors and relatives of the couple informed police about the incident and May Sarom was arrested Friday night, while Phon Sophy was sent to the hospital, police said.

The woman confessed to the crime but was released from police custody the following day when her husband said he did not wish to press charges, Som Phat said.

The victim was “lucky,” he said, adding, “[he] just got a scratch in his face; if the acid were strong acid, the man would have been seriously injured.”

“This is the first time an acid attack occurred in my district,” Som Phat added.

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