Woman Sues Four for Alleged Rape of Daughter

The mother of a 16-year-old girl has filed a lawsuit at the Pursat Provincial Court demanding some $6,250 in compensation from three relatives and a policeman whom she alleges drugged, abducted and conspired in the rape of her daughter over a period of three weeks.

According to Adhoc provincial coordinator Nget Theavy, on Oct 21 two of the victim’s female cousins allegedly took the girl from her home in Kravanh district to Pursat town, where they had dinner with Phin Roath, an economic police department officer in charge of Phnom Kravanh and Sampov Meas districts.

After dinner the girl developed a headache and felt sleepy and was taken to a guesthouse by the police officer who allegedly raped her, Nget Theavy said.

The following day one of the girl’s cousins gave her 10,000 riel, and took her to the home of an aunt, where the girl was allegedly raped daily for nine consecutive days by the same police officer, Nget Theavy said.

“She wanted to go back home. They did not allow her,” he said.

Pol Chamroeun, deputy chief of Pursat province’s anti-trafficking police department, said that police will investigate the allegations, but he also maintained that the ac­cus­ed officer, Phin Roath, is guilty of nothing more than a love affair with the young girl.

Pol Chamroeun also said that Phin Roath and the alleged victim, who he says has not been cooperating with the ongoing police investigation, had been lovers for two months.

Contacted by telephone, the teenager denied knowing the officer prior to her alleged abduction.

“I never knew him. I just met him the first time when I was brought to the town,” she said.

Contact information for Phin Roath could not be obtained Tuesday.

Pursat Provincial Court Chief Prosecutor Tob Chansereyvuth said the case was under investigation, adding that the victim would be summoned to appear at court for questioning this weekend.

“We are working on it,” Tob Chansereyvuth said.

Suong Horn, 46, the mother of the 16-year-old, said Tuesday that her daughter was finally returned on Nov 4.

Two days later, Suong Horn said she filed a complaint with Adhoc and with provincial anti-trafficking police and on Nov 14 filed the lawsuit against the police officer, the two female cousins, and the aunt.

Suong Horn also claimed that provincial police offered her $750 as compensation for her daughter, but she refused.

“I did not take the money,” she said, adding that she had little faith that police would investigate the case properly

Pol Chamroeun denied that police offered Suong Horn compensation for the rape of her daughter.


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