Woman Kills Children, Commits Suicide Over Spouse’s Drinking

A young woman murdered her toddler son and infant daughter at her home in Ratanakkiri province’s O’Yadaw district on Wednesday before committing suicide, police said Thursday.

Upon discovering his dead family, the woman’s husband then also attempted to kill himself, but was unsuccessful, according to district police chief Choup Vannarak.

At about 1:20 p.m. on Wednesday, Ramas Thiel, 26, a resident of Som Thom commune, used a rope to hang her 3-year-old son from the ceiling of her home before feeding pesticide to her 1-month-old daughter, then drank the poisonous liquid herself, Mr. Vannarak said.

“She drank the pesticide to commit suicide,” he said, adding that her husband, Sal Sak, 22, who had been working on his cassava farm at the time, returned about an hour later and tried to take his own life.

“When Mr. Sak came back home and saw his dead family, he used the pesticide to [try to] commit suicide,” Mr. Vannarak said, adding that neighbors brought Mr. Sak to the Bakeo district referral hospital, where he remained unconscious Thursday.

“He is in serious condition at the district referral hospital,” he said.

Deputy provincial police chief Pen Dina said he believed Ramas Thiel killed her children and herself because she was distraught about her husband’s drinking and gambling habits.

“We believe she did this because she was angry at her husband, who is a drunkard,” Mr. Dina said.

“According to the villagers, this month the husband always drank wine in his free time,” he said. “The husband also likes gambling and that made his wife angry.”

Mr. Dina said authorities had concluded that Ramas Thiel had murdered her children and committed suicide, but were continuing to investigate the reasons behind the tragedy.

Mr. Vannarak, the district police chief, said officers would also question Mr. Sak, if he survives.

“We will question him if he recovers consciousness at the hospital,” he said.

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