Woman Killed by Falling Iron Bar at Construction Site

A 42-year-old woman was killed Sunday by an iron bar that fell from a construction site near Olympic Stadium as she drove past on a motorbike.

Buth Vanny was struck in the head by a 2-meter-long iron bar and died instantly as she was driving with her son and his fiancee to buy items for their wedding.

“While we were driving, the iron bar fell from this building and my mom fell down from the motorbike and she died immediately,” said Buth Chanreaksmey, 19, the fiancee.

“It is injustice that no one from that [company] has visited us,” she added through tears.

The victim’s head was hit so hard that parts of her brain were visible on the pavement more than a meter from her body.

The iron bar fell from the 12th story of a building that will be part of Olympia City, a huge development project being built by the Overseas Cambodia Investment Corporation.

Keo Chan, a manager for Cana Sino Construction Corporation, which oversees construction at the site, said his firm appeared to be at fault.

“It was an accident and we need to negotiate with the victim’s family,” he said. “It was careless of the company too.”

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