Woman Confesses to Hiring Hit Man to Murder a Moneylender

A woman in Kratie province who was arrested on Monday night confessed Tuesday to hiring a hit man to murder a moneylender after another suspect told police he committed the crime at her request, police said.

Hin Pheap, 61, was murdered at her home by an intruder who drove a metal pole through her chest early on Monday morning in Sambor district’s Kbal Damrei commune.

On Monday afternoon, Loek Chanveasna, 27, was arrested and confessed to the murder during questioning, but claimed that Sun Rany, 47, had paid him $500 to carry out the crime, according to police.

Deputy provincial police chief Oum Phy said that although Ms. Rany initially denied the allegation, she confessed Tuesday to hiring Mr. Chanveasna to kill Hin Pheap because the moneylender had been hassling her to repay her debt of $3,500.

“Ms. Sun Rany confessed that she was angry with the victim, who often came to demand the money and interest,” he said, adding that the victim had threatened to file a complaint against Ms. Rany with the provincial court.

“She hired [Mr. Chanveasna] and paid him $500 to find any people who dare to kill the victim and said she would pay more upon completion,” he said, adding that Mr. Chanveasna paid a third man $450 to carry out the crime.

When the unidentified man left town without following through with the murder, Mr. Chanveasna felt he had no choice but to kill Hin Pheap himself, according to police.

“[Mr. Chanveasna] hired a man who was recently released from prison to kill the victim,” Mr. Phy said. “[Mr. Chanveasna] said he killed the victim because [Ms. Rany] had paid him and he could not pay her back.”

Police initially arrested Mr. Chanveasna after Hin Pheap’s daughter said she recognized a bloodied shirt that police found in his home, according to Mr. Phy.

Huot Lim Heang, chief of the provincial police’s serious crimes bureau, said both suspects would be sent to court today and charged with premeditated murder.

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