Woman Charged for Abusing Teen Worker

During her hearing at the Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Tuesday, a 31-year-old woman claimed that sleeping pills were to blame for alleged abuse and acts of violence she committed on her domestic servant.

Nonetheless, Kong Sinath was charged with intentional violence for abusing her 17-year-old maid, court officials said.

“The suspect claimed to have taken many sleeping pills, and that she could not remember [doing anything],” said Sorm Lyhol, Sen Sok district penal police chief.

Ms. Sinath was arrested on Saturday after the domestic worker escaped her custody on Friday and fled to the commune police station, where she claimed Ms. Sinath forced her to consume her own vomit and urine as punishment.

Pok Bunna, a shelter manager and psychosocial counselor at the Cambodian Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights, said the teenage worker was brought to the center following her escape.

“The victim told us that she was forced to eat her own excrement with her rice if she did not follow the landlord’s commands,” she said.

Chea Met, deputy prosecutor at the municipal court, said Ms. Sinath is currently being held in pretrial detention.


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