Wives Killed by Jealous Husbands in Separate Cases

Authorities suspect jealousy motivated two men to murder their wives in separate incidents on Thursday and Friday last week.

Police are looking for Kong Chiv, 29, after the body of his wife, Nang Mary, 19, was found in her home in Pursat province with marks indicative of a severe beating, said Hem Mony, a Bakan district judicial police officer.

Nang Mary’s body was displayed on the floor of the family house with a cloth wrapped around her neck and tied to a column to make it appear like a suicide, Mr. Mony said.

Police believe she was killed early Friday morning. The victim’s sister found the body later that afternoon.

Nang Mary’s parents believe Mr. Chiv murdered his wife out of jealousy, after their daughter passed an exam allowing her to work in South Korea while her husband failed the same test, Mr. Mony said.

Authorities had not found Mr. Chiv as of on Sunday afternoon.

In a separate case in Battambang province, a husband was jailed for allegedly strangling his wife in the bathroom while her sister and mother drank and listened to loud music outside, authorities said.

Ngov Soklin, 25, who lived apart from his wife, visited Khoeun Chamroen, 35, on Thursday afternoon in Kamrieng district’s Boeng Raing commune, said Ngeth Channa, a district serious crimes police officer.

Khoeun Chamroen’s body was then found by her sister, apparently strangled by bare hands and a belt, after Mr. Soklin left. The husband had acted out of unspecified “jealousy,” Mr. Channa said.

Authorities tracked down Mr. Soklin on Thursday night.


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