Will Cambodia’s Bun Rany be the next ‘first lady’ to fall from grace?

The recent ignoble falls from grace of two of Asia’s former “first ladies” – the Philippines’ Imelda Marcos and Malaysia’s Rosmah Mansor – raise some relevant questions for Cambodia and the international community: Could Cambodia’s Bun Rany, the wife of Prime Minister Hun Sen, be next on the list?

The answer lies in addressing further questions: Will the wife of Cambodia’s longtime prime minister ever be investigated for allegations regarding the 1999 murder of actress Piseth Pilika? Will Bun Rany be investigated for using the Red Cross emblem to bolster her husband’s leadership?

In full: http://www.atimes.com/will-cambodias-bun-rany-be-the-next-first-lady-to-fall-from-grace/

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