Wife, In-Laws Accused in S’ville Man’s Slaying

A Sihanoukville man killed Sunday was allegedly slain by his two brothers-in-law at the request of his new wife, police said Wednesday.

The men allegedly beat Heng Moa, 36, with a wooden chair Sunday evening, Siha­nouk­ville police Chief So Bun Noeun said.

Heng Moa’s skull was crushed in the attack, which occurred in front of the house in Mitta­pheap district, where the couple lived with the two brothers and Heng Moa’s four young children from a previous marriage, So Bun Noeun said.

The wife, Chun Ben, became angry at Heng Moa when he demanded money to buy rice wine.

Heng Moa and the brothers were fishermen; Chun Ben sold the fish and kept track of the money, the police chief said.

Heng Moa was a habitual drunk and the couple argued frequently, the police chief said. Witnesses told police that when Chun Ben refused to give him the money, Heng Moa began to intimidate and yell at her.

She called out to her two young­er brothers, who were on a fishing boat, and asked for their help. They killed Heng Moa and the three then fled, the police chief said.

One of the brothers, Chun Tong, 22, was arrested about three hours later and is being detained. Chun Ben and the other brother, Chun Phann, are still at large, So Bun Noeun said. Police were seeking warrants Wednesday to arrest and detain them.

Once captured, Chun Tong confessed to the killing, the police chief said. Chun Tong told police he and his brother killed Heng Moa in retaliation for Heng Moa’s frequent intimidation of their sister. The two had been married for only three months, So Bun Noeun said.

The police chief said Heng Moa’s children were left with no one to care for them when Chun Ben fled, so local authorities took custody of them.


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