Wife, Boyfriend Sought in Slaying of Man

An apparent love triangle ended in tragedy Sunday when a one-legged veteran was stabbed to death near Phsar Thmei, allegedly by his estranged wife’s new boy­friend.

Keo Chanborath, district police chief, said Monday that police are searching for the wife and the boyfriend.

He said the veteran, Chy Sa Em, 35, went to a rented house in the Don Penh district shortly before dawn on Sun­day, apparently to confront his wife and the other man.

A man at the rented house stabbed Chy Sa Em five times and then fled. Although Chy Sa Em was taken to Calmette Hos­pital he did not survive.

Police say Chy Sa Em, who was unemployed, had sought treatment in the past at Ket­omelea Military Hospital.

His wife, Prak Thavy, worked as a housekeeper at the La Paillot Hotel near Phsar Thmei.

He said Prak Thavy had wanted a divorce from Chy Sa Em and even offered him $300 to give her one.

The couple did get a decree from the village chief but it was not an official divorce.

Keo Chan­borath said Lao Chy, who is married, works at the military hospital as a driver. Police speculate that Prak Thavy may have met him there while visiting her husband.

He said neither Prak Thavy nor Lao Chy has re­ported for work since the stabbing.

Police believe the couple has re­main­ed in the area. “I think they are not far away from the place, waiting to see how things go on,’’ Keo Chan­borath said.


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