Widow of Murdered Tycoon Questioned at Municipal Court

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Friday questioned the widow of Shimmex Group chairman Ung Meng Chue, who was gunned down last year in an attack allegedly orchestrated by fugitive Defense Ministry official Thong Sarath.

Lach Samrong, a lawyer for the prominent businessman’s widow, Tang Kim Chheng, confirmed that his client was questioned as part of the municipal court’s investigation into the murder.

“The court summoned my client for questioning regarding   the murder of Oknha Ung Meng Chue,” he said. “This is the first time that my client was summoned for questioning.”

Mr. Samrong declined to provide details about the questioning, but said Ms. Kim Chheng had demanded $50 million in compensation from the individual who arranged the murder of her husband, who was shot six times outside a fruit shop on the evening of November 22.

“My client also requested that the court punish the perpetrators according to the law,” he said.

Major General Thong Sarath—who has been at large since fleeing police raids on his villas in December—was charged in absentia with instigating premeditated murder. Five of the general’s bodyguards were charged over their various roles in executing the hit.

Maj. Gen. Sarath’s mother and father, who were arrested during the raids, were jailed on illegal weapons possession charges.

Kim Santepheap, spokesman for the Justice Ministry, said the general’s parents were also questioned at the court on Friday, but decline further comment.

“Now this is in the investigating stage, so I cannot say anything,” he said.


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