Why job of clearing Cambodia’s landmines is giving locals the chance to improve their lives

NGOs striving to clear Cambodia’s minefields are giving opportunities to local mean and women including landmine survivors and female labourers.

Six years ago, Soy Kossal stepped on a landmine as he walked along a well-trodden path to his fields in Battambang province in northwestern Cambodia.

The force blew off his right leg, leaving the 28-year-old part-time carpenter a cripple, with no immediate hope of being able to support his wife and family. His tale is all the more tragic because it was an occurrence so regular as to be almost unremarkable in Cambodia.

“I was so depressed. I was ashamed and isolated myself from everyone. I didn’t want to live. People were telling my wife she should get a divorce,” says Soy Kossal.

In full: https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/article/3052284/why-job-clearing-cambodias-landmines-giving-locals-chance-improve-their

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