Wedding Machete Attack Leaves One Dead

Police in Mondolkiri province arrested three young men after they allegedly crashed a wedding in Keo Seima district Tuesday and attacked the guests with machetes, killing one.

District police chief Sun Bunthoeun said Tuesday that the three 19-year-olds, along with a fourth man, showed up at the wedding in Memang commune at about midnight.

“The suspects attacked the victims after [the suspects] accused them of stepping on their feet while dancing,” he said. “The group of men used machetes to slash the crowd of people, who were mostly of the Bunong minority.”

One guest, 30-year-old Sim Phanna, died of injuries he sustained in the attack, according to Mr. Bunthoeun, while two others were seriously injured after being struck in the head.

The police chief said that three of the four suspected attackers were arrested at the scene at about 1 a.m., while the fourth remains at large. Police, however, did not find any weapons, he said.

“We do not know where they hid their weapons…. But when the dispute happened, all of them had machetes,” Mr. Bunthoeun said. “Tomorrow, we will send them to the provincial police station for further questioning.”

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