Warrant Issued for Officer Who Put Gun to Governor

Mondolkiri Provincial Court on Thursday issued an arrest warrant for a military police officer who put his gun to the head of a district governor, the governor said.

Keo Seima district governor Sin Vanvuth said that since he and other authorities intercepted an SUV loaded with illegally smuggled luxury timber in the pre-dawn hours of Thursday, he has also received threats on his life from Sou Marith, who is now wanted by police.

“He threatened me saying that he will not let me live in peace,” Mr. Vanvuth said.

“If he is found, he will be arrested.” The incident occurred after a joint operation of police, military police and Forestry Administration officers stopped a Lexus SUV carrying 16 pieces of Neang Nuon timber on National Road 76 in Keo Seima.

Officers confiscated the keys to the SUV, but a second vehicle then arrived on the scene. Mr. Marith stepped out of that vehicle, walked toward the governor, put a gun to his head and demanded the confiscated keys.

Other officers calmed the situation, and Mr. Marith got back in his car and sped away.

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