Villagers in Poipet Protest Over Threatened Eviction

About 100 people from three communities in Poipet City protested outside the city government’s offices Thursday morning to demand that authorities find solutions to their problems, including the looming threat of eviction.

Hor Muyseng, a 55-year-old widow from a village that officials have deemed too close to a road running through the city, said she was demonstrating on behalf of 43 families that have been repeatedly threatened with forced eviction.

“We are protesting here to demand that the Poipet City authorities pay us compensation. Otherwise, we dare to die in our houses,” she said, adding that heavy machinery was brought into the village on Monday, but had not flattened their houses because residents reacted angrily.

Poipet City governor Ngor Meng Chroun, whose representative met with the protesters to hear their concerns, said the families were living on state land, but would be allowed to stay a little longer.

“The protesters agreed to disband after we intervened and told the court not to implement the eviction order [yet] because it is rainy season,” he said, explaining that the rains would make it difficult for the families to relocate.

“The villagers will not be compensated because they are living on state land,” he said.

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