Vietnam fines TikTokker US$300 for video suggesting Cambodia’s Angkor Wat is in Thailand

Content creator Hua Quoc Anh was penalised for posting ‘false information’ on the popular short-video app.

Vietnamese authorities fined a man US$300 after he posted a TikTok suggesting that Angkor Wat, an ancient temple complex in Cambodia, was located in Thailand, the state-owned media outlet Lao Dong reported in Vietnamese.

Hua Quoc Anh, a Vietnamese make-up artist and content creator, posted a TikTok of his photo shoot at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, the second-largest city in Cambodia.

The video, with overlaid images of the Thai flag and royalty, was posted on November 4, per Lao Dong. The phrase “Hello, Thailand” could also be heard in the video, per the report.

In full:

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