Video Series to Give Cambodia Image Makeover

A series of promotional videos about Cambodia’s investment landscape is scheduled to air globally on Bloomberg TV next year in a bid to lure in foreign businesses by painting the country as a modern, thriving nation far removed from its troubled past, Commerce Minister Sun Chanthol announced Wednesday.

Speaking at the World Rice Conference in Phnom Penh, Mr. Chanthol said Cambodia’s growing economy and abundant resources make it a prime investment destination, but noted that for many, the country’s name still conjures up images of genocide and civil war.

“We need to change the global perception of Cambodia…so that the whole world can see our country’s new face, not like the face of our country they saw back in the [1970s],” he said.

“Cambodia—A New Economic Frontier” will be produced by U.K.-based World Profile Group as part of its i-Profile Series and be presented in two-minute clips during the week and a longer 30 minute program on the weekend, i-Profile executive producer Fabio Lenzi said Wednesday.

“The overall objective of the i-Profile Series is to help Cambodia in its efforts to promote a strong positive and dynamic image…as an attractive investment destination through the support of local business leaders and foreign investors that are present in Cambodia,” he said via email.

The series—expected to air in May or June and run for at least two months—will focus on the construction, agriculture and tourism sectors and feature interviews with government ministers and members of the local business community, including National Bank director-general Chea Serey, he added.

Mr. Chanthol, who assumed the helm of the Commerce Ministry after last year’s national election, has been highly active in promoting Cambodian agricultural products such as rice, pepper and sugar.

“There are two brands: our products’ brand and our country’s brand,” the minister said Wednesday. “It’s very important that our nation has a good brand and image so that people around the world do not see Cambodia as a country of killings, mines, etc.”

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