Victims Live in Fear As Russian Pedophile Lives Free

Sihanoukville – Though years have passed since Stanislav Molodyakov preyed on the young street children of this tourist town, victims of the notorious Russian pedophile still live in fear of their foreign abuser.

Molodyakov sexually abused Chin Hoin’s deaf and mute daughter when she was just 13 years old. Targeted by the businessman as she collected scrap on Sihanoukville’s streets, Ms. Hoin’s daughter is now 19 and is trying to put the past behind her. She is now learning to be a cook with a local NGO that helps street children work toward a better life.

“I want the police to send him back to his country,” Ms. Hoin said in an interview as her daughter sat quietly nearby.

“[Molodyakov] is somewhere close, but I don’t know where exactly. Everybody in Kompong Som knows him. His footsteps shake the earth,” she said.

Another victim, now 21-years-old, remembers vividly how the Russian businessman had targeted her and several other young friends as they worked on the streets collecting scrap.

“He gave me money and asked me to get into his car…. There were four of us; he slept with us, one after the other,” she said, explaining how she had helped prosecute Molodyakov, and was fearful now that he is free.

“I get headaches whenever I think about it,” she said of the years of abuse from age 14 to 16.

Molodyakov once went by the name of Alexander Trofimov when he was executive director of Koh Puos Investment Group, which is building a $300 million resort in Sihanoukville.

The company has for years tried to distance itself from the actions of its former director who prosecution in 2007 was one of the largest ever for child sex abuse in Cambodian history.

Found guilty of sexually abusing 15 underage girls, Molodyakov was sentenced to 17 years in prison. Child protection groups initially praised his sentencing. Then, in 2010, the sentence was “consolidated” and reduced to eight years. In December Molodyakov was freed by royal pardon.

Outraged by the release, 14 human rights groups submitted a petition to the Ministry of Interior requesting that Molodyakov be extradited to Russia, where he is also wanted for the rape in 2004 of six Russian girls aged 9 and 10 years old.

Interpol has Molodyakov on its list of most wanted criminals for sex crimes against children in Moscow.

“Wherever he is, he’s a huge threat to children,” said Maggie Eno, founder and director of the Sihanoukville-based child protection organization M’Lop Tapang, one of the groups that signed the petition.

Ms. Eno believe that if Molodyakov remains in the country, “extradition would be the best solution.”

Deputy National Police Chief Sok Phal said that Minister of the Interior Sar Kheng is considering the request to extradite the Russian, and claimed that a decision could be made next week.

“The police know where he is,” said Mr. Phal, before declining to comment further.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Koy Kuong said he had “no information” on an extradition request from Russia.

Samleang Seila, country director of anti-pedophile NGO Action Pour Les Enfants said that he was informed by a high-level official that Molodyakov fled to South Korea.

An eyewitness said last week that he saw Molodyakov being brought to the Immigration Police headquarters near Phnom Penh International Airport where a passport was being prepared for his apparent exit from Cambodia. The passport appeared to be South Korean, the witness said.

An official at the South Korean Embassy in Phnom Penh said yesterday that the embassy had no record of Molodyakov having obtained a South Korean passport, or having entered South Korea.

Kirth Chantharith, spokesman for the national police commissariat, said that Molodyakov has left the country, but he declined to say when he had left, or where he has gone.

To Molodyakov’s victims—who refer to him by the nickname “Sasha”—his release has left them frightened.

“It is not fair that he was in prison only four years; there were a lot of kids,” said another victim of Molodyakov, who was just 10 years old when she was abused.

“I am afraid he will do the same thing to other street kids,” said the girl, who is now 16 years old.

Her mother, Som Vann, said that she has lost all hope in the courts and justice.

“When I heard about his release, my heart dropped,” she said.

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