Victim’s Father Urges Police To Arrest Chhouk Rin

Jean-Claude Braquet, whose son Jean-Michel was killed by the Khmer Rouge after being taken hostage in a 1994 Kampot prov­ince train hijacking, urged police to arrest former rebel commander Chhouk Rin for his role in his son’s death.

Chhouk Rin has been on the run since the Supreme Court’s Feb 16 re­jection of his final appeal against life in prison for his role in the kil­ling of 13 Cambodians and the ab­duction and execution of three Wes­tern backpackers, in­clu­ding Jean-Michel.

Speaking from France on Fri­day, Braquet said he be­lieved that if the police really want­ed to arrest Chhouk Rin, they would do so.

“I think that if they really want to [arrest him] they can,” he said. “I don’t have much confidence in the police in Kep.”

Kong Chean, Kep Municipal Po­­­lice chief, said Monday that he is using undercover and uniform­ed police to search for Chhouk Rin in Kampot’s Phnom Voar area, but cannot locate him.

In Chiva, deputy Kampot police chief, also said Monday he could not find Chhouk Rin.

“I have my men to observe but they do not see him. He is good at hiding,” In Chiva said.

Chhouk Korb, Chhouk Rin’s bro­ther, said Chhouk Rin last cal­led him one week ago on a public phone to inquire about his family’s health.

A friend of Chhouk Rin in Kam­pot said Monday that he remains in the jungle of Phnom Voar.

“He [is] in hiding like an animal,” eating potatoes and other vegetables that grow in the jungle, as well as stealing fruit and vegetables from plantations, the friend said.

Although he is keeping a low profile, on Feb 23 Chhouk Rin sold an interview to a Phnom Penh-bas­ed cameraman for nearly $1,000, the cameraman said Monday.

“If [Chhouk Rin] is sick, it doesn’t bother me at all,” Braquet said. “He must be held responsible.”

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