US veteran living in Cambodia sues VA, alleges systemic fraud

Long-time Cambodian resident and US veteran Robert G Thornton has filed a lawsuit with the US Supreme Court against the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), alleging systemic fraud by the VA in its disability benefits programme, according to a VA Watch press release sent to The Post.

“Robert G Thornton, a long-time resident of Cambodia, filed a petition asking the US Supreme Court to hear his case against the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

“While the Court has literally thousands of requests yearly and only accepts approximately 180 cases, Thornton, a decorated Vietnam combat veteran, is hopeful the court will select his case since it raises novel issues such as that the VA and the courts have violated his First Amendment rights to meaningful access to the VA administrative agency and the courts because of what he alleges is the VA’s clandestine pattern of fraud in the handling of his case,” the press release said.

In full:

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