US Marine Assaulted for Flirting With Man’s Wife

Police in the early hours of Tuesday morning detained a restaurant worker in Preah Sihanouk province for assaulting a U.S. Marine.

Ngeth Savoeun, 26, was arrested at about 4 a.m. after police received a complaint from Guillermo Gonzalez, who had been struck with a blunt object and sustained an eight-inch wound to his forehead, according to provincial police chief Tak Vantha.

Mr. Savoeun reportedly hit Mr. Gonzalez because he suspected the Marine of courting his wife.

Mr. Vantha said that Mr. Gonzalez is deployed in Sihanoukville training Cambodian troops at Ream Naval Base.

On Monday night, Mr. Gonzalez went to eat at the Sangkat Buon restaurant, where he was accused of flirting with Mr. Savoeun’s wife.

A melee between the two followed, and by the time witnesses broke it up, Mr. Gonzalez had a gaping wound on his head.

“Mr. Savoeun was jealous and Mr. Guillermo was hit on the head but not seriously injured,” Mr. Vantha said. “Police arrested Mr. Savoeun for questioning and he will be sent to court.”

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