Up to 100 Malaysian ‘slave laborers’ held captive in Cambodia

Malaysia joins five other Asian countries in raising alarm on forced labor, slavery and torture of foreign nationals.

Up to 100 Malaysians, including girls as young as 17, are being held captive in Cambodia and subjected to physical abuse after they were duped into working as slave labor in online call scams, their parents and politicians said after a flurry of pleas for help.

The Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), a coalition partner in the opposition Barisan Nasional, said victims were held captive in compounds by armed guards and faced beatings if they failed to reach scamming quotas.

“If you’re a Malaysian, you will be given a laptop to cheat Malaysians and if you don’t do well and could not scam anyone, you will be beaten up,” MCA public services and complaints head Michael Chong told a press conference.

In full: https://www.ucanews.com/news/up-to-100-malaysian-slave-laborers-held-captive-in-cambodia/96729

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