Union leaders at risk of imprisonment if they take part in protests

Six trade union leaders in Cambodia received two and a half year suspended prison sentences on 11 December. They were also fined the equivalent of $8,600 after being convicted of “instigating intentional acts of violence” among other offences. This stemmed from their alleged involvement in protests in 2013-14 which called for an increased minimum wage for garment workers. At the time, workers were paid as little as $75 dollars a month, with any wage increases meeting only increases in rent and other expenses. During the protests, four workers were killed by the police.

Global trade unions, including Industriall, condemned their sentencing, claiming that the sentences are “unjust”.

In full: https://www.thecanary.co/global/world-analysis/2018/12/16/union-leaders-at-risk-of-imprisonment-if-they-take-part-in-protests/

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