UNDP Seeks Aid for Floods

The UN Develop­ment Prog­ram plans Monday to launch an international appeal for millions of dollars of additional flood aid for Cambodia.

Using data gathered throughout the country by several agencies, UNDP will base its requests on estimates that 150,000 hec­tares of rice have been destroyed. Government estimates of overall damage have reached $43 million.

UN organizations working on flood relief include the Food and Agricultural Organization, Unicef, the World Food Program and the World Health Organization.

A preliminary report completed Monday by the UN organizations urges quick action on food distribution, shelter for the homeless, clean water and sanitation, crop seeds. The report suggests re­pairing health centers and schools and battling water-borne diseases should also be a priority.

Switzerland has announced it will give $116,000 for flood aid to Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.


The Swiss had already announced a $162,400 donation through the Swiss Red Cross.

Apsara TV held a telethon Wednesday afternoon to raise money for flood victims, featuring live singing and dancing at a studio set up at the Parkway complex.





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