UN Envoy Rhona Smith May Not Visit Kem Sokha, Cambodian Government Says

UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Cambodia Rhona Smith has been refused permission by Cambodia’s government to meet and speak with detained political opposition leader Kem Sokha while she visits the country this week, Smith said on Monday.

Kem Sokha, leader of the now-banned Cambodia National Rescue Party, is being held under house arrest after being released from prison on Sept. 10, 2018, a year after he was arrested on treason charges widely seen as politically motivated.

The release of the 65-year-old former CNRP president from pre-trial detention carries the conditions that he must stay within a block radius of his home, cannot meet with CNRP officials or foreigners, and cannot speak at or host any rallies or political activities.

Read the full story: https://www.rfa.org/english/news/cambodia/visit-10292018165932.html

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