UN Approves $15 Million Safety Net for KR Tribunal

The U.N. General Assembly has given the green light to provide the cash-strapped Khmer Rouge tribunal with a pool of reserve funds, otherwise known as a subvention, to the amount of $15.5 million.

The assembly approved the request, which was made last year by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in April. 

According to a notice posted on the court’s website on Friday, “the subvention is to be considered a reserve, which supplements the voluntary donations made to the international component of the court” until the end of the year, and can only be drawn from if there are insufficient funds.

The court limped through 2013 with funding woes that saw national staff repeatedly go unpaid.

“Although the subvention stabilizes the financial situation for the international component of the ECCC, there is still a shortage of funds for the national component,” the notice said.

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