U.S. wildlife officials paid a Chinese national $224k to spy on Cambodia. Their top target was just acquitted.

Federal officials, relying on an animal activist group’s referral, ultimately helped a Chinese national immigrate to the U.S., get work, and housing after spying on Cambodian officials. His tactics contributed to an acquittal in a criminal case.

A high-profile prosecution of a Cambodian government official accused and ultimately acquitted of illegally importing long-tailed macaques into the United States may have ultimately exposed a much deeper, troubling level of activity within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – namely an illegal espionage operation in an otherwise friendly nation.

Court documents also reveal the federal government paid a Chinese national over $200,000 and moved his family to the U.S. to act as an informant in a case that ultimately turned into nothing.

In full: https://sjvsun.com/u-s/u-s-wildlife-officials-paid-a-chinese-national-224k-to-spy-on-cambodia-their-top-target-was-just-acquitted/

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