Two More Hours to Register

In a concession to union leaders who worry that garment workers are unable to get to poll registration centers, the National Election Committee will keep the centers open two hours later, a top NEC official said Sunday.

“We want to facilitate the situation for all factory workers to get to registration centers in case they can’t get the day off to go,” NEC General Secretary Im Suor­sdei said Sunday.

The decision follows an appeal by the Free Trade Union of the Workers of the Kingdom of Cam­bodia on Friday to move registration centers to factories be­cause some factories force their em­ployees to work Sun­days.

Im Suorsdei said it was technically impossible to register garment factory workers at the factories but hoped that by keeping the centers open until 7 pm, garment workers would have an opportunity to register.

He also said he would write to the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labor and Veteran Affairs, urging it to ensure that factories allow their workers one day off a week.

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